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Japan : World Support and Healing


Tragedy struck Japan on March 11, 2011 with a massive tsunami that has taken the lives of many people. Also, the the world will feel the effects of this global event as waters reach around the globe to effect coastlines. This event will also create even further food shortages around the world.
We can make a difference to our global community by taking action today to grow a personal garden. This will help to lesson the need for oil and support global food stocks.
Remember that we are all in a global community and have a responsibility to our family, friends, communities and humanity.
Prayer and meditation along with financial support and finally planting a garden helps on levels to give support to Japan, Chile, Haiti, New Zealand, Middle East and our global family in need.
Thank you,
Miriam Delicado
Japan March 2011 Support and Healing

Meditation on Universal Light
During an interview with Global Illumination Council Radio Hosts Dr Bernard Alvarez and Yvonne Wykes allowed for an opportunity to share this meditation. It is a powerful tool that can be used to create anything. When you send the light out into the world, remember to imagine this light moving through every person on the planet, into the earth and out to the universe. Share clearly in a visual, emotional, feeling what you are trying to create. For example, send the vision of clear rivers, lakes, oceans with abundant fish to help heal the waters. To create peace on earth send the light and the FEELING of every person on earth smiling, happy, laughing, hugging each other and see this vision and share it on the rays of light. Listen to the video meditation, then be clear with what you are trying to create. Think about the vision, feeling and emotion that would be present if it were a reality.
Only focus on one thought or request for each meditation. That way it will be more powerful.
Work with this energy to send calm, healing, balance to our earth and humanity.
We are in a world community and all those that have greater awareness and knowledge now need to step forward to support those around us that are struggling.
With all the information that has been shared with me by the tall blonds in 1988 and even as recent as last week, they talk about THIS time, the time of great change and how we could overcome the difficulties. I have a positive view of our future because my faith in humanity making the right choices for our future is not something to give up on. No matter what happens we can overcome.... if e remember who we are and become human beings again.
With much love and many blessings,
Thank you for your support

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