T h i n k



LIKE ALL THE BOOKS OF OSHO, this one whispers the truth. Wisdom you will find in the words, but the truth is in the gaps between the words, in the spaces between the lines. It is a silent, unspoken whisper: I love you. Existence loves you.


Between the lines read, "Existence loves you" It comes like a fragrance from every page. Something that feeds the deepest recesses of the heart, a taste of the essential, the real. Something true.


Osho says here that it takes courage to find the truth. People are not ready to give up their dreams and their dreaming. They are not ready to drop the mind and move into the immediate.


"Only a few people have ever dared to discover truth It is risky: it may shatter all that you have known before and you will have to rearrange your whole life. It is dangerous: it may destroy all your illusions, it may shatter all your dreams."


Very few people are ready to go on this Journey of the heart to which he calls us, this Journey toward the true, this Journey that is not a Journey at all but a dropping into the now/here. The way to gather courage is to meet a master, an enlightened one, someone whose very being whispers of love, and then the fee1ing comes that for us, too, it might be possible to live like that.


"...Unless you come across a man like Christ or Buddha or Atisha, you will not be able to gather courage enough. Seeing Atisha, something may start stirring in your heart, a chord may be touched, something may be triggered, a synchronicity. The presence of somebody who has arrived may create a great longing in you, may become the birth of an intense and passionate search for truth."


Osho has found people ready to Journey with him - they are the audience to whom these discourses were given, sannyasins and visiting friends On them he pours his love by answering questions and by sharing a modern interpretation of the instructions given by Atisha, an enlightened master from Tibet, for the Journey toward unborn, undying awareness. But even as he speaks, the message has not to do with ideas but with the presence that spreads from him as he speaks - he is what he is talking about, moment after moment after moment.

He is doing the impossible: sharing the wordless through words, saying aloud something which can best be said through silence.


"Only silence communicates the truth as it is. Please get ready as soon as possible, so that we can just be together... What I cannot say in years can be communicated in a single moment of silence. And what can never be said can transpire when between me and you there is no barrier of thought - when my silence and your silence are just present to each other; mirroring each other..."