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شاهد الفلم:  What in the world are they spraying (Chemtrails(


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  2011 May26                                                from G. Edward Griffin  www.realityzone.com

Important update!

Can Chemtrails be proved?

This is an updated version of the notice I sent to you yesterday. I awoke this morning with the realization that I had omitted several important aspects of the project. They involve the need for photographic documentation and a uniform template for recording observations of aircraft. I also fine-tuned the rest of the text, so please bear with me and go through the whole thing again. This could be one of the best opportunities we ever have had to expose the Evil Empire.


It seems that the die-hard skeptics refuse to believe what they see with their own eyes. No matter how many laboratory tests we collect, they always manage to come up with a theory that, no matter how far fetched it is, would explain the high levels of aluminum, barium, and strontium in our snow and rain water as merely due to some climate condition or error in preparing the chemical sample or some unintended human interaction.

When we released our documentary, What in the World Are They Spraying, we included snow samples taken from Mt. Shasta in Northern California, which contained toxic levels of these metals. Since snow is merely frozen rain water, it was clear that this came from the sky and not from the soil or water run-off from a toxic waste dump. Nevertheless, an Internet debunker challenged our conclusion by saying that people ski on Mt. Shasta, and skis are made of aluminum. Therefore, the tested aluminum probably came from the skis! Nothing to worry about after all.

Of course, this was all made-up nonsense. People do ski on Mt. Shasta, but it is a big mountain, and there has never been any skiing in the area where the samples were taken. Even if there had been, that would not explain the high levels of barium and strontium. These metals are not used in the construction of skis. Our debunker never bothered to check on any of that. He was merely looking for some plausible explanation in order to plant doubts into the minds of casual readers. If people are confused by seemingly plausible explanations that even remotely could explain the high levels of aluminum, barium, and strontium in snow and rain water, they will back away from coming to a conclusion and refrain from challenging the prevailing view.

Another debunker contacted me a few days ago and claimed that a plausible explanation for the chemicals in snow on Mt. Shasta is that the samples were taken in a year with early snow melt which, according to him, means there was a lot of bare earth exposed at the time, and the wind must have blown dust from the earth onto the snow. Furthermore, he claims that the soil on Mt. Shasta contains the same metals as found in the samples; so, you see? Here is another perfectly plausible explanation. Once again, nothing to worry about.

We are planning to respond to this gentleman as soon as we can find the time to carefully examine his claims about the early snow melt, the amount of bare earth exposed, the composition of the surface soil, and especially the rainfall and moisture levels of the soil during this period. I expect to find that, even if there had been an early snow melt, the soil on Mt. Shasta would have been far too moist and covered with moss, ferns, or other ground cover to make the "dust-bowl" theory even remotely plausible. But it will take a little time to pull the facts together.

Meanwhile, we must not just play defensive and spend our lives answering the debunkers. We must take the initiative and obtain new data and information that will be impossible to dispute. The on-going collection of new snow and rain samples around the world is part of that strategy. After we have literally hundreds of such chemical tests, our critics will become hard pressed for new theories.

One of the most promising technologies to generate hard evidence of chemtrails is the Internet tracking of planes in flight. There are several computer programs and devices that track commercial flights in real time and show, not only their location, but also their flight number, type of aircraft, origin, destination, speed, and altitude. The cost for this application on an iPhone is $2.99, and on a computer, it is free. This is amazing technology, and the programs are fun to use. They work by receiving what is called ADS-B plane feeds, which are radio signals transmitted by commercial and large private aircraft. Small planes, military aircraft, and those on classified missions do not transmit this signal.

I'm sure you already see where this is going. It is theoretically possible to identify every commercial plane you see overhead either by pointing your iPhone camera at it or locating it on the screen of your computer. If the debunkers are correct, we will find that planes spewing trails from horizon-to-horizon all will be identified as commercial craft, and what we see are merely normal contrails after all. On the other hand, if we find that commercial craft do not leave streaks from horizon to horizon but the ones that do are missing from the system ... well, even the most die-hard skeptic would have to take a serious look at that.

To be sure, the debunkers will always be able to find some semi-plausible explanation for everything, even this. For example, not all parts of the world or even of the United States are serviced by this technology at the present time, although the most populated areas are. So the debunkers will likely claim that the coverage is not complete and, therefore, not reliable. Also, there is some question about whether all commercial planes are equipped with these transmitters or merely most of them, so the debunkers will claim that a flight that does not show up in the system is probably just one of those commercial planes without transmitters. One blogger who is unhappy with the Plane Finder claims that his iPhone does not work if the plane is closer than 50 miles, supposedly because of interference by Homeland Security to protect planes from terrorists. (I do not have an iPhone so I cannot verify his claim, but I had no trouble tracking aircraft directly overhead when using the full computer version of Plane Tracker.) In any event, debunkers will claim that the system is filled with quirks and errors and is not reliable. You get the picture.

In spite of these arguments, I think there is an opportunity here to collect data that will be compelling, even if there are areas not serviced by the technology and even if a small percentage of commercial planes are, in fact, without transmitters. If we can demonstrate that flights with horizon-to-horizon trails are missing from the system, we will have put one more nail into the coffin of chemtrail denial.

This project is a two-edged sword. What if we find that all those trails really are coming from scheduled planes carrying passengers or freight? That would mean we have been on the wrong track, and we would have to re-examine our evidence and re-consider our position. There are some who believe that spraying is done by planes performing routine commercial services, but I have not considered that to be likely in view of the huge amount of chemicals needed for such missions and the difficulty in concealing the mixing of chemicals with jet fuel, to say nothing of the effect it would have on fuel performance and damage to the engines. Furthermore, Planes that fly in the crazy patterns we have seen would hardly go unnoticed and unreported by passengers. In any event, the results of a field test such as I am proposing will clear up many of these questions.

Here is what I am asking you to do. If this project interests you, please go on the Internet and become familiar with a program called Plane Finder: http://planefinder.net. Play with it a while to see how you can track aircraft anywhere in the world, provided there are receiving stations in that area. When you see on your screen that a plane is moving over your location, you can go outdoors and watch it in the sky. Vice versa, when you see an aircraft overhead, you should be able to go to your computer and watch it moving across a map on your screen if it is in the system. Every time you see a plane, get its identity from Plane Finder and note if it has long trails (lingering over more than half the sky and feathering out into a lingering milky haze), short trails (moving along with the aircraft and dissipating as they go), or no trails (usually low altitude flights). Record all the data about the flight, including the time. Be aware that the time is given in what they call Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). This is the same time everywhere in the world, so it probably will not be the same as your local time. To convert to local time, you will need a conversion chart, found at http://www.maar.us/utc_time_converter.html. A simpler way to obtain the local time is to read the hours from your watch or clock and record the minutes from the program readout.

Although not essential, it would be a great  help to photographically document each plane that is recorded, especially any that don't show up in the system. The simplest method is to take a still photo and make sure the photo ID number is recorded along with the flight data. That will make it harder for the debunkers to claim that there is no way to substantiate that our subjective interpretation of a contrail vs. a chemtrail means anything. Let the photos speak for themselves. If you are a video buff, it would be a nice additional touch to have a second party take videos of the whole verification process, everything from seeing the plane in the sky to photographing it and getting its identification (or finding that it has no identification). If we produce a follow up to What in the World Are They Spraying, this might make an interesting segment. But don't let the added requirement of photographs and video get in the way of doing the basic observations. That is what really matters in the long run.

To generate a statistical summary, we will need all data in a uniform format, so we have created a data-record template that you can download here: http://lib.store.yahoo.net/lib/realityzone/planefindertemplate.pdf.  Please use this to enter your observations. When complete, the sheets can be scanned and emailed to me as a digital file to the email address shown below or faxed to 1-805-497-0685 or mailed to P.O. Box 4646, Westlake Village, CA 91359.

That's it. If 50 or 100 people will do this, and if they are able to collect data on flights over a one-month period, we will have a record of immense value. Please send it to me at gedward.griffin@verizon.net.

Are we going to have fun or what?

Ed Griffin


please..... if u can send us the App for windows mobile and iPhone to share it... yes we will have fun  :p



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