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طريقة جديدة سهلة جداً لصنع CDS-MMS1

طريقة جديدة سهلة جداً لصنع CDS مركز الغاز الناتج عن تفعيل MMS1




MMS Targeted (US Observer):

Bad News For The FDA, with Archbishop Jim Humble (MMS News Flash)


Help MMS fight for freedom
or lose it forever; your choice

- 05-29-2012 -

Over a week ago I sent out an urgent plea to donate to the MMS Defense fund. This fund has been set up to fight the FDA and their attempts to make criminals out of people involved with MMS.

To date, the fund has received roughly $10,000.00 in donations. It isn't nearly enough.

The fund needs close to $2 million to turn this fight into an all-out war against the FDA and what they are attempting to do to our health choices and MMS.

We don't have months to play around with this, it has to be now.

Of the 175,000 people I sent the alert out to, 200 donated. First, thank you. Now, the rest of you, if you would give just $10.00 each, we would hit our mark and the FDA would tremble.

If we don't succeed in achieving this goal, all could be lost. In the end, "we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."Don't let your inaction allow the FDA to take away our personal health freedoms or MMS. Take a stand and give today. Tomorrow may be too late.


Donations may also be sent to:

MMS Defense Fund
c/o US~Observer
233 Rogue River HWY PMB #387
Grants Pass, OR 97527

The US~Observer has taken on this fight and published an initial article. You canread it here.

If you haven't already, please read the urgent plea I previously sent out. You canread it here.



Download this newsletter in .DOC format.

This email came in on Tuesday, May 8th, at 9:35 am:

"Daniel... your supporters got my attention. Call me. Ed."

That’s Edward Snook from the US~Observer who, after receiving hundreds of our emails from all over the world, answered the call.

The MMS Movement couldn’t have made a better friend or garnered a greater asset. If the FDA thought its malicious prosecution of Daniel Smith of Project GreenLife would put a lid on homegrown chlorine dioxide therapy, they forgot to factor in the US~Observer.

Ed’s tenacious news source and unprecedented legal accomplishments have halted nearly four thousand malicious prosecutions over the last twenty years. They have helped put several corrupt government officials out of office and ruined many others.

“An innocent life in prison is a life that’s over,” says Ed. “Not only am I convinced of Daniel Smith’s innocence, I’m convinced the FDA is a monster that has no right interfering with our individual pursuit of health and wellness. Without health freedom, ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’ are just empty ideas.”

The US~Observer, which stands by the Constitution, has pledged to focus its full investigative firepower on all parties involved in the government’s war on MMS and other health freedoms – like raw milk, homeopathic medicine, etc. You can view some of their fine work by going to their website at:www.usobserver.com.

“We’ll hit them on two fronts to start with.” states Ed. “First, in the court of public opinion; and then in their court system with the finest legal team bar none. We will literally strip the FDA of its power as we save those involved with MMS from prison and or from being destroyed financially by a totally corrupted Administrative Government.”

As Ed sees it, the MMS Movement has a cancer growing on it. It’s the same cancer we see growing all over the world. It’s leading cause? Corporate interests like Monsanto, pharmaceutical companies, and the representatives of “We the People” who’d rather court those interests than the blood-bought liberties of their forefathers.

The US~Observer is committed, not only, to Daniel and the MMS Movement but to the fight against this modern day corporate sponsored “food and drug terrorism”.

“The US~Observer will not stop until the fight is won,” says Ed. “This is world history in the making. We’re going to save Daniel and stop this cancer before it becomes incurable.”

This fight isn’t going to be easy though. It will take the US~Observer’s best effort and a team of world-class lawyers to keep Daniel and others out of harm’s way. There is good reason to believe the FDA may be quietly targeting other manufacturers of MMS. Ed has begun handpicking and securing commitments from the best lawyers out there. This will take a lot of resources.

Throughout this whole fight, the entire world will be educated about MMS!

This is where OUR help is needed. There has never been a more broad spectrum and natural health solution than what our MMS Movement offers the world. If the U.S.

Government through the FDA successfully outlaws MMS as some “unapproved new drug”, the rest of the world will follow suit. If even one person is hauled off to prison, someone will be next. If the FDA wins jurisdiction over our kitchens, health freedom will be seriously impacted. Use of our own wisdom to treat our own body will be limited, and those limitations would be far reaching.

Consider, if armed government agents forced their way into one man’s home to steal MMS from his kitchen pantry, what could become of all the pantries of the world?

You might be thinking … it wasn't your home that was raided. It wasn’t your finances that disappeared into a government hole. You're not the one facing a lifetime in prison, like Daniel. But, in fact, it is you and me because it won't stop with Daniel. We are all in this together.

It’s always very comfortable when it’s someone else. We could passively sit back and hope they figure it out so it doesn't impact us, but if you or I were in Daniel’s position, we’d be praying for all the support we could get, and that is what we must give; all the support we can.

If we don’t stop the FDA now, others will be indicted, and more people will die never learning about chlorine dioxide therapy. Daniel has said, “if only one person’s life has been saved by chlorine dioxide therapy, then it hasn’t been in vain.” But he needs experts... and experts cost money. In fact, we all need experts at this critical time.

The US~Observer will be distributing hundreds of thousands of newspapers. The track record of the team of individuals willing to take this fight on is exceptional - but money to fund this battle must be raised.

This is a Battle Cry and we need to build a war chest. Congress isn’t going to do anything. It has to be us, right here, right now. WE must raise these funds. There is no other choice.

If you can afford $20 a month, then give $20 a month. If you can afford $1,000 a month, then give $1,000 a month. If you are a philanthropist, this is a cause worth fully supporting.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you can give, please do so - Today. Monthly, if you can. Your initial contribution is critical.

Start fundraising – invest a small amount of time to contact everyone you know and enlist their financial support – ask them to do the same. Together, we will shock the world!

The 3 Things We All Must Do:

1.Make a donation – Again, this is critical.
2. Forward this Email to everyone you know and ask them to donate.
3. Commit to this fight, as if it were our own! It is!

Money is replaceable, our health and liberty are not. We know that the FDA is working with other governments around the globe in an effort to control us. Let’s join together now, in a worldwide effort to stop them.

I will be the first to give.

Archbishop Jim Humble
Founder Genesis 2 Church (Non Religious)



MMS Defense Fund
c/o US~Observer
233 Rogue River Hwy PMB 387
Grants Pass, OR 97527

1 week Health Minister Course in Puerto Vallarta at the new World Headquarters: July 1st-7th

This is not a course for receiving treatment this is an educational opportunity.

Course includes:
1. Seminar will include all meals and lodging at the all-inclusive Canto Del Sol Plaza Vallarta hotel. Please save money by paying early:

2. Cost Now till May 31st -
Single room $1500, Double room $1400 per person

3. June 1 -15th June -
Single room $1600, Double $1500 per person

4. June 15th - June 30th -
Single room $1750, Double room $1650

(Hotel Sunday evening –Saturday morning) extra nights are on your own.

5. Class starts 9 am Monday morning
6. It is casual environment, shorts and sandals are perfect.
7. You will have internet access in the lobby and seminar room.
8. We serve amazing food mostly vegetarian, vegan and raw small amounts of protein.
9. Please give us all flight information. Take a cab to the hotel cost will be about $10. You will be in a hotel with hot showers and a swimming pool.
10. Additional family members not attending Seminar but may stay at hotel for additional cost.
11. I will send you an invoice to make your payment to our Pay-pal account:

ALL money must be received 3 days before your arrival. We need to make sure you have a room and your materials printed for the course. If the above fees are not paid we will not have your room or materials needed for the course.

The Fundamentals of MMS: the discovery and evolution of the usage of the world's most important broad spectrum non-toxic anti-microbial agent including these topics:

Chemistry of 28% Chlorine Dioxide solution, Home manufacture, Basic first aid and diagnosis.
Working in remote areas: strategies for communication and protection, Legal and FDA considerations.
How MMS attacks different pathogens in the body, The evolution of MMS protocols.
Successful stories with different diseases, Practical applications of MMS for water purification.
Health ministers training and Certificate.

. MMS2 / CDS / All protocols, Question and answers
2. Parasite Protocols
3. Puerto Vallarta can be hot and humid. Please bring a 32oz bottle for water.

Jim Humble
• He has personally seen more people recover from incurable diseases than
anyone in the world.
• The man behind MMS, and all of the health benefits. He wants to see health

Kerri Rivera
• 40 recovered Children from Autism. Speaker at Autism One in Chicago.

Janet Henshaw
• Worked with 5,000 people and saw recoveries from all different diseases.

Canto Del Sol Plaza Vallarta
Tel 01 800 713 2800

Any questions
Email: healthvallarta@gmail.com
Skype: janetspa

Download this newsletter in .DOC format.

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Enjoy your stay.

As always with love,

Archbishop Jim Humble

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